I NEED HELP! In my flea market spot at Dayton Hamvention

 I need help! In my flea market spot at Dayton Hamvention


1. Setting up the tables (possibly Thursday afternoon, so we don't have to mess with it on Friday morning)

2. Unloading the "Goodies" before 8:00 AM Friday when Flea Market opens, setup the canopy, etc.

3. Help man the booth on Friday 8:00 AM - Noon, Saturday 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM and intermittently throughout the day. To allow me time for pit stops and see the displays inside

4. Tearing down the table etc. and packing up Saturday Night (I will not be attending Sunday)

I will provide an admission ticket to the Hamvention, onsite parking (courtesy pass), and space on the tables for you "goodies. I will also provide sandwiches and sodas for lunch both days. I need a firm commitment on this.

For further details contact,

Ken Rueth,




Howdy from Williamsburg!

Aug 29

Please check out the For Sale blog!!!

Alot of good stuff

Buster kg9nd


Name hr Daryll kg9nd (aka) Buster.

Hr it is Jan 13 2016, cold outside so only out when I have to be.

Just got done talking with Jeff N  kb9zjv about being locked out of a win 7 (forgot PassWord) He was verry helpfull.

I would also like to get a pll board for a ts940. If anyone has a old rig setting around hi hi.

Buster kg9nd





 We are back on the air. 147.180 PL tone 82.5 My Christmas gift from my wife and secret Santa a Yaesu DX -1X repeater.  Key up and give it a try  (please ID ) . At testing from Connersville on a HT at 5 watts no problem and audio was full scale  and clear on both sides of the transmission. 

Jim Scott KB9SJZ 

Double wide mobile home (3 bedroom, 2 bath) for sale

 Double wide mobile home (3 bedroom, 2 bath), large front porch, large living/dining room combo, handicap ramp.

Located in extra nice west side mobile home park.  Call Jan Marker (N9KM) 935-2853

2015 Veterans Day Parade - ARES Operations

 Wayne County - ARES


Veterans Day Parade Detail


November 7, 2015


When: Parade starts at noon


Where: 12th street and runs to 5th street




I would like for us to meet at the parking lot at 10th and Main street between 10:30 - 11:00 AM.

















There will be 7 stations if we have 7 operators (one at each intersection)


We need to be on the station by 11:15 AM.


We will be operating an informal net with an official check-in with call sign and then we will be using the station number (Street Number of the Intersection) and then finally closing with your call sign.


We will be operating on the Wayne County ARES / RACES Frequency of 146.430 Simplex with no tone. The backup Frequency will be the Reid Repeater 147.465 with a minus. .9 offset and a tone of 131.8


If you should have any questions please feel free to contact me at 765-969-2599 or kb9zjv@jeffanorris.com.


Thanks for you help,

Jeff Norris - KB9ZJV

Club Picnic Saturday October 3rd at NOON

 Greetings fellow club members,


WVARC will be holding a Club Picnic on Saturday, October 3rd at noon.  The picnic will be held at the Ken Rueth residence on US40, just east of the Wayne County Highway Garage.

All club members and their family are invited.

Anyone planning on participating should RSVP.  Please send an email to siteadmin@wvarc.org, or TEXT (don't call) 765-551-7685.

We need everyone to RSVP so that we have enough food available for everyone.  Feel free to bring a side dish, dessert, or anything you would like to bring (not required).

I look forward to seeing everyone there!!!



Radio Panadapter project

 I recently came across a panadapter buffer board designed by G4HUP  (http://www.g4hup.com) and decided that it would be a really nifty feature to be able to have a visual representation the signals adjacent to the tuned frequency.

Thanks to a fellow ham who did the soldering for me (THANKS W8VFR!), I now have the board installed and functional.

Basically, we tapped the radio's IF (at very high impendence, so as to not affect the main receiver sensitivity).  Then this signal is amplified about 1dB, then output to an SMA connector installed in the rear of the radio.  Finally, we connect the buffer board's output to an RTL-SDR USB stick, which interfaces to a modified android device running an app called "RF Analyzer".

The total cost of the project is around $100:  Android device:  $50, RTL-SDR USB stick:  $15, G4HUP buffer board $35, homebrew USB interface cable $0.

The result is a fully functional spectrum analyzer / waterfall display connected to the radio's IF.  This gives me a 30-KHz wide view of the spectrum.  I can see 15Khz on either side of the tuned frequency.

My particular radio has a common IF for all bands (160m - 70cm), so the panadapter works no matter which frequency I'm tuned to.

This is a really neat project, and I feel that I've added alot of value to my Yaesu FT-897d.  This could be VERY useful on field day - use your imagination :)

Attached is a picture of the PAT board installed inside the radio, and also a picture of the panadapter in action on 40m.







Packet Radio

 I have recently wth the help of Buster KG9ND, gotten my packet station up and running. 

It has been fun getting setup and testing.  

Believe it or not there is packet traffic around Wayen County, IN. 



Jeff Norris


Bob's project with Bedsprings!

Bob's project with Bedsprings!
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