Half-wave Dipole antenna

 Tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. the 147.180 will be off the air for a few hours.   The new home brew antenna that Eric and I made will be going up on the tower.   Hopefully this will help out with the repeater's foot print.



Toughman Race

 Calling all Amateur Radio Operator's;

    I am once again trying to set up communications for the Toughman Indiana event at the Middlefork Reservoir and around the Wayne County area for this coming May 31 on a Saturday.  I am in need of at least 20 volunteer's with amateur radio's to be assigned at nine area's of the event.  There will be two operator's at each post.  The command RV will be posted at the Reservoir and I Jim Scott KB9SJZ will be the net control and Skywarn Coordinator during the event.

    If you are available for the event please contact me either by email at kb9sjz@comcast.net or 765-993-8754 before May the 20.  Fred Griffin has requested all volunteer's being assigned a post before the event.  All volunteer's will need to be at there assigned post by 6:00 AM and the event should be finished by around 4:00 PM.

Please keep in mind that this is good PR for the amateur radio in the community.

Jim Scott


(765) 993-8754



May 3rd, 2014 .Test Session

 I checked the FCC site and was able to see the official results from last weekend's Test Session.

Jeffrey S. Sneery, KD9ANR, from Dunkirk, IN, is now a General.

Shawn Sullivan, KD9AYY, from Noblesville, IN, also was successful in upgrading to General.

Jim's son, James M. Scott received the callsign of KD9BFO. That's a good one for a ham radio operator. Especially if they like to operate CW. BFO-Beat Frequency Oscillator.

Next Test Session will be in August, on the 2nd.


Steve KB9HQX

80 Ft. Tower project 2013

80 Ft. Tower project 2013

April 2014 Minutes & Treasurer's Report

 Greetings Fellow Amateurs,

The Minutes and Treasurer's Report from our April 2014 meeting are ready for download in the "Member Downloads" area.  Remember - you must be registered with the website AND logged in to be able to view the documents.

Anyone that doesn't already have an account can simply click the "Create New Account" link to the left to get started.  Once we "approve" your request, a link will be sent for you to set a password and you may log in anytime.

I also want to remind all club members that you are welcome to post blog entries and pictures to the website.  Each time a new post is added, it will appear on the front page for everyone to see!


Sean Campbell - KS9N

Vice President, WVARC

Wayne County Indiana Skywarn

 Wayne County Indiana Skywarn is now on Facebook.  A daily forecast is posted everyday, if you are interested in weather come and join in the fun on Facebook under Wayne County Indiana Skywarn.

Jim Scott

Wayne County Skywarn Coordinator

APRS.fi filter trick (how to eliminate non RF or APRS stations)

Take a look at my filter list, I finally figured out how to eliminate the APRSDroid type stations that use commercial IP networks (cell towers) to link in on the map. This filter also removes the CWOP type weather stations *BUT* still shows ham radio weather stations. (So Dave and Reuben's stations still show). The trick was to have an 'inclusive' filter set to filter part of the path WIDE.
Perhaps seeing these type stations don't bother you, but I am seemingly looking at RF and station/digi performance and they tend to clutter the map a bit. Please pass to anyone that this may help. John and Sean, please post this to your area web pages.
Access this list with the filter icon:  on the right side of the page.
Add filters with the 'plus' '  +  ' symbol at the bottom as shown.
Don't forget to save your settings by selecting "Prferences - My account" under "Other Views" section, then check the box that says "Save current map view as default view" as shown here:
filter list-W8VFR.jpeg

Wayne County Skywarn

The KB9SJZ Centerville, Indiana Repeater that is used for Wayne County Skywarn has the Weather Broadcaster is back in operation.  This system is set up for weather alerts that are sent out by the NWS and re-transmitted over the 147.180 repeater.

Jim Scott



New "Member Downloads" Page

 Hello WVARC Members,

I have created a new page called "Member Downloads".  Here, you can downloads minutes from our club meetings as well as the most recent Club Roster.

Because these downloads are for members only, you must be logged in to view them.  If you are not logged in, the "Member Downloads" page will not be visible to you.

We invite all club members to register for an account.  Simply click the "Create New Account" link on the left to get started.  Once your account has been approved, you can access the "Member Downloads" area, post your own blog entries and even upload pictures!


Sean Campbell - KS9N

Vice President, WVARC

Fred and I taking a selfie at the VFW lunch.

Fred and I taking a selfie at the VFW lunch.
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