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Hi All,

    I just found this on-line repeater directory. Indiana repeaters have not been populated. I have volunteered as an admin for Indiana. I should get information this evening on the tools that I will have available as an admin. Individuals can make entries or send them to me and I will add it for you. Try to provide as much information about any repeater that you want added. To see what I will be trying to enter see the Colorado state page.

   The URL is

This site includes the most up-to-date amateur radio repeater listings (updated by you and our admins) for the US and Canada. We are adding repeaters everyday, but need your help. Please submit new updates to repeater data whenever you see something outdated or incorrect.

What makes this site different than others? We use admins located in the states and provinces that we cover to collect repeater data and add it to the site. This is not just some outdated and stale repeater directory with copied information from the ARRL.

Repeaterbook is more than a repeater directory. We also cross-reference with EchoLink and IRLP status to give you a comprehensive view of a repeater. There are also many export functions for Google Maps, Google Earth, Excel, or your favorite rig programming software.

Any questions please contact me desloan @ (take out the spaces).



New Feature: Members-only pages

 It is now possible to post pages with content for member's eyes only. I have posted a couple such pages in the History section of the "Books". One of the pages is the most recent copy of the roster for download.

The only way to view these pages is to have an active account here that has been upgraded to Club Member or Officer and to be logged in. You can't even see the links to the pages if you are logged out or if you are logged in as an unauthenticated member.

Digital modes?

 Anyone in the area run any digital modes? I hear some APRS packet but that's pretty much it. At least unless you count Dstar, apparently I've heard one of the Cincinnati Dstar repeaters. I have a MFJ 1278B Multimode Data controller and an AEA PK-12 packet modem that are going fairly unused so far. I used my PK-12 a lot back in the 90s when packet was still pretty hopping. Looks like that's all dried up and all anyone cares about anymore is APRS.

I'm thinking about building a sound card interface for software digital modes. I found one here. Pretty simple, I think. Just gotta order the parts from somewhere like Mouser or Digikey and then build it up. Shouldn't take more than an hour to build. PSK31 looks interesting to try. I've been listening on 2m ssb for anything and I hear nothing. Guess I need to build up my Softrock RXTX or get my ts520 going. :)


Password Boogie

 Hey guys, there's been some confusion about the password that is assigned when you first create an account. You don't have to keep that password, no way. You should be able to log in once and then you have the option to change it to a password you can remember. Just click the "My account" link under your name and then select "Edit" and change it there.

The assigned password is just a way for the system to confirm your email address is valid.

If you guys have any problems please let me know.


Anyone using the IRLP on 444.025 Mhz + offset and 74.4 CTCSS? Curtis has information about his system at Nice way to talk to an area when their is no direct propagation available.


Dave N0EOP

New Website


Welcome to the new website for the Whitewater Valley Amateur Radio Club

Please feel free to look around. There are a lot of features that weren't possible with the old site. Everyone can create an account here and it's recommended. Unregistered users can view any page but they can't leave comments. Once you are registered I can promote you to Club Member or Officer permissions. Please enter your callsign in the field provided on the registration form. Members will be able to read and leave comments, run a blog, and edit pages. Officers can also post stories to the front page here.

I'm pretty excited about this new site and the potential it has. It should be significantly easier to maintain and additional people will be able to update and modify the content very easily. You need only your web browser to edit content on this site. I've made a best effort to transfer over content from the old site. I will be making edits to it over time to bring it up to date. I will also be working on the site itself to potentially add new features over time as need be.

If you would like to view the old site, it is still available here.

James Hall


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