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NWS Weather Spotter Training

 Thurs March 1st 2018 at 6 PM - 8 PM

401 E. Main Street Richmond, IN


Have you ever wished you knew more about weather?  Would you like a glimpse into the world of a meteorologist?  Would you like to help and assist the National Weather Service in reporting weather and events from your neighborhood?


On behalf of Wayne County Emergency Management Agency and Wayne County Skywarn, we would like to invite you to an excellent opportunity to learn more about the weather and this is a great educational and FREE opportunity.

Location: Wayne County Administration Building in the Wayne County Commisioners/Council Chambers room.

Parking: South parking lot

Time: 6:00 PM

Taught by meteorologists from the US National Weather Service Wilmington OH,  this is a great time to come together to learn more to help and assist your community!

Any questions, contact Wayne County EMA: (765) 973-9399 M-F form 8:00 AM to 4 PM

Jim Scott (Wayne County Skywarn Coordinator)

Fox hunt in Bloomington, Indiana

 Just wanted to let clubs know BARC is planning to start having a few fox hunts in Bloomington.  I know a few clubs in the area had previously enquired about fox hunt activities in our club.

Not sure yet on dates or exact details yet and dates.  But let me know if your club is interested and I will keep you posted. 
Were just starting out to get this fox hunting activity going in our club. 
I know as of now, we are planning on the Friday evening of Sep 22   prior to the hamfest and a have a forum and hunt on Sep 23 on Saturday.
Were also looking to have a couple of other fox hunts this year this spring and summer.  Were working to  get equipment ready
Jimmy Merry kc9rpx@gmail.com

Echolink on the KB9SJZ repeater

 The Echolink seems to be working, and hopefully I now have all the bugs worked out of the system.  It is linked into the 147.180 + 82.5 KB9SJZ Repeater and are used by the N9JM Whitewater Valley Amateur Radio Club. 

To download the Echolink program to your smart phone go to the App Store, and you will have to get your callsign approve by Echolink.  If you are approved already to use the program and would like to be added to the KB9SJZ echolink then email your name and callsign to kb9sjz@comcast.net.  This is a closed system and only open to approved members.

Jim Scott



New amateur radio operator

  The V.E. held a test session today for Byron E. Roosa from Earlam College.  He passed his Tech test and is now waiting his Callsign.  He has also joined the club.  Great job Byron.


 We are back on the air. 147.180 PL tone 82.5 My Christmas gift from my wife and secret Santa a Yaesu DX -1X repeater.  Key up and give it a try  (please ID ) . At testing from Connersville on a HT at 5 watts no problem and audio was full scale  and clear on both sides of the transmission. 

Jim Scott KB9SJZ 

Half-wave Dipole antenna

 Tomorrow at 9:00 A.M. the 147.180 will be off the air for a few hours.   The new home brew antenna that Eric and I made will be going up on the tower.   Hopefully this will help out with the repeater's foot print.



Toughman Race

 Calling all Amateur Radio Operator's;

    I am once again trying to set up communications for the Toughman Indiana event at the Middlefork Reservoir and around the Wayne County area for this coming May 31 on a Saturday.  I am in need of at least 20 volunteer's with amateur radio's to be assigned at nine area's of the event.  There will be two operator's at each post.  The command RV will be posted at the Reservoir and I Jim Scott KB9SJZ will be the net control and Skywarn Coordinator during the event.

    If you are available for the event please contact me either by email at kb9sjz@comcast.net or 765-993-8754 before May the 20.  Fred Griffin has requested all volunteer's being assigned a post before the event.  All volunteer's will need to be at there assigned post by 6:00 AM and the event should be finished by around 4:00 PM.

Please keep in mind that this is good PR for the amateur radio in the community.

Jim Scott


(765) 993-8754



Wayne County Indiana Skywarn

 Wayne County Indiana Skywarn is now on Facebook.  A daily forecast is posted everyday, if you are interested in weather come and join in the fun on Facebook under Wayne County Indiana Skywarn.

Jim Scott

Wayne County Skywarn Coordinator

Wayne County Skywarn

The KB9SJZ Centerville, Indiana Repeater that is used for Wayne County Skywarn has the Weather Broadcaster is back in operation.  This system is set up for weather alerts that are sent out by the NWS and re-transmitted over the 147.180 repeater.

Jim Scott



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