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I have stuff to sell!


AMECO Preamplifier Model PT-2 1.8/54Meg "untested make offer"

 trilectric vhf amp, 25/30w in 75w out, $75  "Nice rep. amp"

 Astron P/S SL-11R $50

 Astron P/S SL-11A $50

 Astron RS20A $75

 Motorola Maxtar 80 UHF need rock 30w $25

TS-130 $150.00
PS-430 $125.00
TM-271A $75.00
TS-430 Offer....Broke Radio
Diawa CN-410M $25.00
Diawa CN-520m $35.00
MFJ-940B Tuner $50.00
Duracom 75 amp switching P/S $150.00 I have several of them.
Sample 100 amp rack mount. P/S $450.00. I have several

Howdy from Williamsburg!

Aug 29

Please check out the For Sale blog!!!

Alot of good stuff

Buster kg9nd


Name hr Daryll kg9nd (aka) Buster.

Hr it is Jan 13 2016, cold outside so only out when I have to be.

Just got done talking with Jeff N  kb9zjv about being locked out of a win 7 (forgot PassWord) He was verry helpfull.

I would also like to get a pll board for a ts940. If anyone has a old rig setting around hi hi.

Buster kg9nd




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