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Field Day 2011

Had a blast operating from the EOC. Had way to much food! But, I guess that is better than running out. No idea what out score will be. Most of the folks that visited the EOC this week-end operated the radio and made at least one contact. Plans are already on the way for another effort for nest year. This that we will be 2F next year. Talked about setting up a GOTA station (but due to space that might not happen). The main purpose of the EOC Field Day was to give out new station baptism by fire and we did that. A couple of members decided to try and set up station for digital late Saturday night. But, they were unable to get it configured properly. I'll check out the digital setup within the next couple of weeks (I had it working a couple of months ago. So, not sure what they were doing wrong). The other reason for the Field Day effort at the EOC was to have fun and show off the EOC/RACES to some of the community. We also were successful in doing that. We had a County Commissioner, the County Emergency Manager, and the County Assistant Emergency Manager pay us a visit. Thanks to everyone that helped and visited the EOC for Field Day.




WOW!!! WOW!!! From what I saw this was a great SHOW. Lots of folks (initial count is well over 25,000) looking at Flea Market (fantastic weather and almost a sold out Flea market), inside exhibits were almost sold out and some really GREAT Forums this year. Did you see Joe (The Cat in the HAT)? See and or hear the Astronaut? See Bob Heil's forum on how to use the menu's on your radio? Were you there when the restrooms were closed? Did you see all of the great prizes donated this year? Did you stop at the 10-10 booth? What else did you see or hear? What did you enjoy the most? What would you like to see different? Did you take a pictures? Send me anything that you would like to see in the Newsletter?

Ready for field day? This is the BIG yearly event when hams demonstrate their ability to operate under emergency conditions? If everyone in the club shows up, helps with setup and tear down, sits in a chair and operates for at least an hour, N9JM will have a GREAT field day!

If you want a little different flavor for field day come down to the EOC. If you get there and the door (we use the EOC backdoor located at the NW corner of the annex) just call me at 969-2212 and I will let you in. Wayne County RACES will be operating our station to see how well our equipment will operate over a 24 hour period.




Dayton Hamvention

Stop by the prize booth in the main arena and say hello to Laura KC9PXX. She is the Assistant Chair this year and next year she will be the Chair. The prize committee has a lot of great prizes for this year. Remember to say thanks to the prize committee and also tell the vendors that donated the prizes this year.

I will be located in the Forums Office most of the time. Stop by and say hello. Make sure to take a look at the Forums line up. Some teriffic presentations and the volunteers that provide the presentations have put in a great deal of effort to provide only the best for all of the guests attending the Hamvention this year.

73 and ENJOY yourself,


North American Repeater Directory

Hi All,

    I just found this on-line repeater directory. Indiana repeaters have not been populated. I have volunteered as an admin for Indiana. I should get information this evening on the tools that I will have available as an admin. Individuals can make entries or send them to me and I will add it for you. Try to provide as much information about any repeater that you want added. To see what I will be trying to enter see the Colorado state page.

   The URL is http://www.repeaterbook.com/index.php

This site includes the most up-to-date amateur radio repeater listings (updated by you and our admins) for the US and Canada. We are adding repeaters everyday, but need your help. Please submit new updates to repeater data whenever you see something outdated or incorrect.

What makes this site different than others? We use admins located in the states and provinces that we cover to collect repeater data and add it to the site. This is not just some outdated and stale repeater directory with copied information from the ARRL.

Repeaterbook is more than a repeater directory. We also cross-reference with EchoLink and IRLP status to give you a comprehensive view of a repeater. There are also many export functions for Google Maps, Google Earth, Excel, or your favorite rig programming software.

Any questions please contact me desloan @ earthlink.net (take out the spaces).




Anyone using the IRLP on 444.025 Mhz + offset and 74.4 CTCSS? Curtis has information about his system at http://2590salem.webs.com/4106.htm Nice way to talk to an area when their is no direct propagation available.


Dave N0EOP

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