Codec 2

I thought that this might interest someone. This is a video of one of the first tests of codec 2. This is an audio compression codec meant to be an open source replacement for the AMBE codec used in D-star radios. It's currently running at 2500bps, while AMBE runs at 2400bps with 1200bps error correction. Codec 2 and AMBE are incompatible and cannot talk to each other. Noone currently knows if Codec 2 will replace AMBE as the voice compression for D-star or if there will be a competing network transport that will replace D-star and carry the Codec 2 audio. There are some Icom radios that don't come with D-star support but you can put an addon card in to add it. There's speculation that it may be possible to make a Codec 2 addon card instead of using the AMBE one.

The audio quality of Codec 2 seems really good in this video. Plus it's small. A 1hr conversation would fit on a 1.44mb floppy disk. It's in alpha stage, so there's still a lot of work to do.

James Hall