Field Day 2011

Had a blast operating from the EOC. Had way to much food! But, I guess that is better than running out. No idea what out score will be. Most of the folks that visited the EOC this week-end operated the radio and made at least one contact. Plans are already on the way for another effort for nest year. This that we will be 2F next year. Talked about setting up a GOTA station (but due to space that might not happen). The main purpose of the EOC Field Day was to give out new station baptism by fire and we did that. A couple of members decided to try and set up station for digital late Saturday night. But, they were unable to get it configured properly. I'll check out the digital setup within the next couple of weeks (I had it working a couple of months ago. So, not sure what they were doing wrong). The other reason for the Field Day effort at the EOC was to have fun and show off the EOC/RACES to some of the community. We also were successful in doing that. We had a County Commissioner, the County Emergency Manager, and the County Assistant Emergency Manager pay us a visit. Thanks to everyone that helped and visited the EOC for Field Day.