Hopefully I didn't blow any!


If you guys have noticed that the website hasn't been updated very much lately, I've been busy with class and homework the past few weeks. My classes are officially over for the Fall semester this week. Yay! So far, I've finished 3 classes and have 1 to go. It's barely worth mentioning since there's no question that I'll pass it. Last week on 12/8 I took my first A+ certification test and passed it. 860 points out of a possible 900. I obliterated it. I take my second test next week on 12/21, I'm pretty confident. The A+ certification covers the basics of computer servicing, not only troubleshooting but also customer service. It's considered the basic cert many employers require to hire for IT jobs.

In the time off I have between semesters I'm planning on working around the house a little. I've got a Softrock RXTX kit to build. It's a QRP SDR (Software Defined Radio) transceiver. I could put it anywhere on HF but once I build it, it's stuck there. I'm intending on building the 40m-30m-20m option. Wish me luck, there's quite a few SMT components to it, plus winding coils which I've never done. Output should be 1-2w, maybe a future kit I could build would be a 50w amp. :) I've also got a bum TS-520s I want to work on and get going. I've identified a switch in the front panel with a disconnected wire between a couple of it's wafers. I just gotta work out how to get the front all the way off so I can remove the switch, figure out where the wire connected and replace it. Then test and cross my fingers that was the only thing wrong with it. I'm also sitting on the order button at for some stuff to build a 40m dipole. Still trying to see if I can build something for cheaper.

I have a ton of projects I can do over the course of the next few weeks, snow won't get me down!

James Hall