WOW!!! WOW!!! From what I saw this was a great SHOW. Lots of folks (initial count is well over 25,000) looking at Flea Market (fantastic weather and almost a sold out Flea market), inside exhibits were almost sold out and some really GREAT Forums this year. Did you see Joe (The Cat in the HAT)? See and or hear the Astronaut? See Bob Heil's forum on how to use the menu's on your radio? Were you there when the restrooms were closed? Did you see all of the great prizes donated this year? Did you stop at the 10-10 booth? What else did you see or hear? What did you enjoy the most? What would you like to see different? Did you take a pictures? Send me anything that you would like to see in the Newsletter?

Ready for field day? This is the BIG yearly event when hams demonstrate their ability to operate under emergency conditions? If everyone in the club shows up, helps with setup and tear down, sits in a chair and operates for at least an hour, N9JM will have a GREAT field day!

If you want a little different flavor for field day come down to the EOC. If you get there and the door (we use the EOC backdoor located at the NW corner of the annex) just call me at 969-2212 and I will let you in. Wayne County RACES will be operating our station to see how well our equipment will operate over a 24 hour period.