New Website


Welcome to the new website for the Whitewater Valley Amateur Radio Club

Please feel free to look around. There are a lot of features that weren't possible with the old site. Everyone can create an account here and it's recommended. Unregistered users can view any page but they can't leave comments. Once you are registered I can promote you to Club Member or Officer permissions. Please enter your callsign in the field provided on the registration form. Members will be able to read and leave comments, run a blog, and edit pages. Officers can also post stories to the front page here.

I'm pretty excited about this new site and the potential it has. It should be significantly easier to maintain and additional people will be able to update and modify the content very easily. You need only your web browser to edit content on this site. I've made a best effort to transfer over content from the old site. I will be making edits to it over time to bring it up to date. I will also be working on the site itself to potentially add new features over time as need be.

If you would like to view the old site, it is still available here.

James Hall