We had a good time at Joe's Pizza tonight for the Richmond ARC.  While there we were discussing vanity calls and this led to my checking once home about our first choice for Kirk-Little (KL9VFW), KL for Kirk-Little.  In further checking I find that a KL prefix is restricted to Region 11 (Alaska).  I knew then we would get our second choice and sure enough when I checked this afternoon it had not been acted upon but this evening there was our vanity call:  N9VFW - (W9VFW and K9VFW are in use).  So we have our call sign.
Incidentally, the RARC officers are:  Lloyd Fox, President; Steve Shank, Vice President; Mike Chambers, Secretary; Garry Nichols, Treasurer and Ray Rice, Chaplain.  If you haven't joined send me an email - the club is free.


Mike W1IDX