Toughman Race

 Calling all Amateur Radio Operator's;

    I am once again trying to set up communications for the Toughman Indiana event at the Middlefork Reservoir and around the Wayne County area for this coming May 31 on a Saturday.  I am in need of at least 20 volunteer's with amateur radio's to be assigned at nine area's of the event.  There will be two operator's at each post.  The command RV will be posted at the Reservoir and I Jim Scott KB9SJZ will be the net control and Skywarn Coordinator during the event.

    If you are available for the event please contact me either by email at or 765-993-8754 before May the 20.  Fred Griffin has requested all volunteer's being assigned a post before the event.  All volunteer's will need to be at there assigned post by 6:00 AM and the event should be finished by around 4:00 PM.

Please keep in mind that this is good PR for the amateur radio in the community.

Jim Scott


(765) 993-8754